Amar Desh Amar Gram is the first project of its kind that takes computers and web access to the lowest income group and empowers them with a possibility that was not ever previously available to them before. This project is the real possibility of a Digital Bangladesh, where digital technology reaches out to the furthest corners of our country bringing change to countless lives. This project takes the products from producers all around Bangladesh and then opens up national and international markets for them. Today fisherman's from far off mongla are selling fish in the heart of Dhaka city, woman sitting at home producing simple 'Nokshi Kathas" , are earning by selling there kathas all over Bangladesh and even abroad, farmer growing fresh vegetables are supplying to city markets. Amar Desh Amar Gram the first project that has successfully greeted a true Digital Bangladesh Community by breaking down the digital divides. This project goes beyond employment, empowerment and ecommerce, it also provides education, cultural extent and in the future medical services. At the moment we have successfully established centers at Mongla ,Norsingdhi, Tanga
Students Profile
  • Jahid sk Sonakhali,mongla,Bagerhat Mongla , Bagerhat
  • Resma Akter Mithakhali,mongla,bagerhat Mongla , Bagerhat
  • Laboni Akter Baby Chandpai,Mongla,Bagerhat Mongla , Bagerhat
  • Bristi akter Mithakhali,mongla,bagerhat Mongla , Bagerhat
  • Hosnera Bagum Mithakhali,Mongla,Bagerhat Mongla , Bagerhat
  • Reksona akter Mithakhali,mongla,bagerhat Mongla , Bagerhat
  • Reksona akter Mithakhali,mongla,bagerhat Mongla , Bagerhat
  • Enamul Haque Enu Vill+Post:Mithakhali,Mongla,Bagerhat. Mongla , Bagerhat
  • Shadi sk Sonakhali,mongla,Bagerhat Mongla , Bagerhat
  • Tahedur Rahaman Sonakhali,mongla,Bagerhat Mongla , Bagerhat
  • Asadur jaman jothe Vospotia,rampal.bagerhat Mongla , Bagerhat
  • Odut sk Andhariya,mongla,bagerhat Mongla , Bagerhat
  • Nizam shake Rampal,bagerhat.bangladesh Baksiganj , Bagerhat
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