1. AMAR DESH E-SHOP (ECommerce)

Website link: www.amardesheshop.com
Amar Desh Eshop is the virtual market for the uprising of rural communities of Bangladesh. Everyday villagers come with their products –anything they produce even if it is just a gourd and catalogue it on the internet at the e-center.  A buyer from hundreds of miles away glances through the catalogue and places an order with an electronic card.  In less than two days he receives the product which he usually buys at a higher price from city markets. Back in the village, the producer receives a fair price as the money gets electronically transferred through a highly secured e-commerce payment gateway to her bank account upon delivery.
In rural societies, women are still not allowed to work outside their homes in most of the cases. But with proper training and guidelines and with an easy access to markets these women could have done much more in contributing to the economic development of their family and welfare of their children as most of them are found to be skilled in needlework or other forms of handiworks.  For example within Three months of the pilot implementation of the eMONGLA over 1150 women from nearby villages registered themselves with the e-center, all of them skilled in needlework. For the first time women of those villages are earning through what they thought was only a hobby!
Manufacturer has Individual shop with all their details, so that customers can know whom they are buying from and giving them their fair price. Below is the link
Farmers, who were previously left with no choice but to rely wholeheartedly on middlemen, now can be emancipated from this culture of dependency on the wholesalers and take control of their own business. By registering themselves at the e-centres and cataloguing all their vegetables, they can now sell their produce directly to the buyers. The e-center marketing team can offer them advice on how to best package their products in order to increase their value to the customers.
We have created individual farmers shop with his own details, below the link


Crafts man and weavers:
Sylhet  is a major city in north-eastern Bangladesh in the district a place call kamolganj where there is 3000 weavers .
They are being rely on the middleman and never had a fair price but now they can upload their products straightly on the net with their price and customers anywhere in the world can purchase straightly from them.



  1. Edesh

E-DESH Country Web Portal
Website Link: www.edesh.org
Electronic Desh (E-Desh) is a web-based platform to provide a centralized and well organized point of information storage and sharing for villages of Bangladesh. It’s the one stop access point for Government portal, rural yellow pages, Tourism portals, Education portals, Art and cultural pages, rural news online among the others.  E-Desh aims to connect the entire nation by bringing together people from the lowest regional level of the country in a common platform by connecting them to a single network. Though E-desh facilitates exploring for opportunities with new features and services in time the following brief accounts are of the services currently running under this program.

Detail of E-desh
Implemented at Mongla

(ongoing) just a soft launch
In the process of preserving cultural idenity Amar Desh Amar Gram also will enhance and pave a new pathway for new forms of artistic creativity to emerge. This is now not a pipe-dream, but a reality.
This exciting new task has been undertaken by Amar Desh Amar Gram's cultural wing Bottola. Bottola's assures continuation of its endeavours and  strives to change and keep on changing. Preserve and keep on preserving

E.EDU Online Education    

E-Education platform-- designed to enable educational innovations everywhere by connecting people and technology. The platform is iteratively updated by a diverse group of specialist knowledge sources, starting with a problem specification and ending with a solution.E.edu is a Web-based course-management system designed to allow students and faculty to participate in classes delivered online or use online materials and activities to complement face-to-face teaching. E.edu enables instructors to provide students with course materials, discussion boards, virtual chat, online quizzes, an academic resource center, and more.



a. Automation of the Institute:
A. Online Education Software 100% in compliance with Bangladesh education board featuring advanced student enrollment and management system, auto GPA calculator & progress report generator, centralized monitoring capabilities.
Training Program
Customize Computer Learning curriculum.
 Training to the Teacher
 Training to the Student


Education Aids
Web Based Solution
Phase 1: Customized websites

With unlimited storage space enabling provisions for, blackboard support, yearbooks, journals, newsletter, student/teacher profiles, blogs, results & transcripts display boards. Can register for online admission.
Phase 2: Online community interaction

Teacher, Students and Parents can interact among themselves.
Teachers can upload their resources locally on their portal. They can put solutions, syllabus, and lecture sheets e.t.c on their dynamic websites.
Students can search; accumulate knowledge and information from their own local websites.
Parents can see their children’s results, can put comments, remarks, complains .Can chat online, or mail Teachers for assistance.

Have been implemented as pilot ,FSB fully sponsored as development for rural schools at mongla upazilla


Success Stories:
Please visit www.edesh.org

Dynamic & user friendly Website for local government offices showcasing List of NGOs present and all other institutions enlisted, bulletin board for upcoming events, archives for past events, information on activities and ongoing project, email to contact U.N.O and more. E-Governance has become the definition for a new approach to service provision that gives governments and their citizens
more direct and immediate ways to communicate, engage and collaborate, enabled by web technology. This will fundamentally change the balance of the relationship between government and citizen -moving it from transactional to conversational.


UNSEEN BANGLADESH is an IT enabled tourism portal and can also be coined as an ‘e-tourism portal’. It is designed specifically to boost tourism aims to collect and display all details that a prospective tourist needs to know about every listed hotel in pictures, maps, timetables, reviews and even travel guides. Hotels get the opportunity to upload Vital info, forms, picture portfolio & video to showcase tourist hotspots to attract more visitors. On top of all these tourists get online car rental and online hotel booking all in one place enabling them to choose and book their entire vacation by themselves, whilst saving money at the click of a button and saving valuable time and effort. Because the portal is online and customer service is available twenty four hours a day tourists can easily book their vacation from anywhere in the world even in the middle of the night!



for the latest news
      -An office goer reads stories from mithakhali, his village home
      -the same news read by an expatriate living in Australia
about Mithakhali, his village home.
to speak out

A revolutionary portal for e-journalism. distribution of individual dedicated columns for local journalists with unlimited uploads (text/audio/video formats)

MonglaPress.com for freedom of speech

-A journalist from Mongla
      I can type my post from anywhere
      I can update my column anytime I want
      I can post recorded audio & video clips in my column

Now I have my right to speak out


The centres also act as an information hub in the rural areas, where valuable information can be provided to the locals .weprovides services for rural communities, local officials, organizations, businesses and rural citizens working to maintain the vitality of Bangladesh's rural areas.

Digital Adda is a vibrant networking and advice community that grows centered round the e-center of ADAG. Here, entertainment, documentaries on agriculture, women empowerment, healthcare and other vital issues are addressed taking full advantage of ICT. But the true lasting value of this community interaction that takes place at the evening meetings called digital adda comes from the networking, deal-making, support, and insights that comes from the interaction among participatory members.

Imagine the latest technology being used for a village adda! Where entertainment, documentaries on agriculture, women empowerment, healthcare and other vital issues are addressed through Information Communication Technology

As we can see from the Business Objective chapter the requirement to offer a true multi-channel service center are very wide. It is not just about bringing together the different input channels; it also requires efficient integration with the rest of the organizations IT to enable true change and deliver a cost effective joined up service. ADAG fosters a number of key platforms that come together to not just deliver a service center but can be re-used across the organization to deliver value from the front end to the back end. Before we understand how we can deliver the features that the business requires, it is important to understand what the platforms can deliver. The Data Bank is in fact the heart of this service center, it works not only as a case management system but also a development platform that can be customized to meet clients business requirements. This platform handles all of the case and records management for the organization as well as the contact records and activity records. The server supports intranet, extranet and web applications across the enterprise with one integrated platform, instead relying on separate fragmented systems. Additionally, this collaboration and content management server provides the platform and tools needed for server administration, application extensibility, and interoperability.

AMI HOBO SHONIRBHOR-(ICT training for Rural Development)

The program is independently contributing to rural youth development through various computer training programs
Aimed for self employment boosting entrepreneur skills by overcoming the barrier of the rural-urban digital divide.

a. Computer fundamental basic

  1. Typing (Word processing)
  2. Spread sheet
  3. Word processing (Presentation power point)
  4. Digital media, webcam, media player

b. Data base

  1. Data storage in the software
  2. Creation of e-Commerce Data
  3. School, colleges, student database and result sheet
  4. Micro-business accounting database
  5. Rural people database
  1. Sharing
    1. Internet, email
    2. Html, website designing
    3. To create their own individual Digital Diary


Total students 60 above have been trained from our centers who are working on e-commerce management and 50 women are given free IT training from our centers who are now managing the e-center and working in different agencies, school s, organizations as computer teachers.
       16 no. of students at a NGO FIVDB were trained by our e-centers trainers and now they are running their own CIC centers at Sylhet.
FSB Sylhet travel , link of the training: